Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Operation PINK BOX is back!!! Wait list now open!

As you may already know, for the past few months Thirty-One has 
been on a recruiting freeze (no one has been able to join our company). 
The reason for this was an amazing amount of growth. As of 
July the recruiting freeze is going to be lifted in time for our 
biggest selling time of the year with our new fall catalog.
Today, Thirty-One is starting their official waiting LIST. Sometime 
in July, Thirty-One will begin inviting consultants to join in order 
from this list (kind of like waiting for your table at a 
restaurant). If you are even considering it, you WANT TO 

To get on this list, simply go to my website   
"Join My Team" and it will walk you through the 
registration process. 

You will have 3 options:
-YES! I can't wait to join!
-Maybe, I'm interested. Keep me informed, but don't 
put me on the WAIT LIST.
-No, I'm not ready at this time.

Just a reminder, you will ONLY be on the Wait List if you 
select: YES! I can't wait to join!
In addition, I have an exclusive "31 Scavenger Hunt." Every 
month I will email out 5 questions on the 1st and 15th until you are 
officially enrolled. This is a fun way to learn about Thirty-One AND 
earn some extra money to go towards products of your choice! You 
will receive $5 for every set of questions that you answer! This money 
will be banked with me until you enroll! In addition, I have a few 
BONUS options! Earn $10 when you host a party 
(home/catalog/online) or send me your list of 62!! Woohoo!! 
Easy money and FREE products to add to your display!! You 
will have $40-60 in additional products when you join!! This 
my special gift to you for being so patient!! Remember, the best things 
in life are worth waiting for...and this is so true with Thirty-One!! 
Trust me, you want to get on this band wagon!!

Kim Gibbs
Senior Consultant
Thirty-One Gifts


Friday, April 22, 2011

I finally got a ....

I have been wanting this for months!! I finally purchased one tonight! 
I am so excited about all the things this awesome machine will create! 
Stay tuned for lots of "projects" like these below! Where do I even 
 Paper Crafts


Heat Transfer
 BLING!! You have no idea how excited this makes me!

You too can own one, they have a great deal going on right now!
I got a discount code from Little Miss Momma (of course!). 
Hurry, it is only good until the 26th!
Did I mention how excited I am??? 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Cell Phone Pics

Be ready for RANDOM! I was going through my pictures on my
cell phone and got the giggles! My son makes me laugh!

Note: these are cell phone pics, please don't judge the quality! :) 
This lasted a whole 30 seconds! 
 Not letting go of Bentley! He doesn't like car rides.
Mother and Son bingo night at Ethan's school. He "hates" bingo now 
because he didn't win. :)

 I am pretty sure a "ho, ho, ho" came out of his mouth while in the bath.
 It was freezing outside and several inches of snow on the ground and 
Ethan came down the stairs (wearing this get up) and said..."let's go play in the snow". There are no words.
 My little superhero!
 Sweetness x 2!
 This was Ethan's journal that we got to see at his schools open 
house. We have quite the character on our hands! It is supposed to say.."I was being funny". hee hee.
 Ethan hanging with my mom during her short hospital stay for 
being dehydrated. He was concerned about his Nanny. (and thinks it is 
funny to wear her glasses.)
 Honestly, I don't even know what to say about this picture! 
Dear Lord help me!
 Or this one...
This "get up" was not a joke! He came to show me his new tattoos 
all over his body but I just couldn't get past the "irkle" (no clue how to spell that name!) pants that are 3 sizes too small and the spider 
man socks. God love him!

My family makes me smile! :)



I Spy: Neighborhood Edition

Ashley from Little Miss Momma (one of my favorite blogs!) started a 
new series called "I Spy" and this week is "Neighborhood" edition. I 
have never participated in a link party so this is my first attempt!

It was a beautiful night so I grabbed my camera and Ethan and I 
headed out! We didn't make it far in the neighborhood so I wasn't 
able to capture all the beauty of our neighborhood but I got a few 
good ones!
(all pics edited in Picknik with some different effects)
I LOVE anything pink so I had to take a picture of these pretties! I 
only wish they were in MY yard!

Ethan told me I had to get a picture of our neighbors dog! :)
 Go Texas Rangers! ;)
 One of Ethan's friends lives 2 doors down. We love that he can 
just run down there through the back gate to play anytime!
 He of course did not want his picture taken!
I bribed him for this one! Big smile with dirty face and all. 
I love this little boy!

Ok, back to the neighborhood pics. 
 Our neighbors house.
 Golf course.
 The back of our home.
 Golf course view from our backyard.
I was able to catch the sunset!
Thanks for taking a walk with me through my neighborhood!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Craft Table!

My sweet, amazing and "can build anything" husband is making me a craft table and
I am so excited!! He started a few weeks ago making this table from
If you have not been to this site, you must run now to check it out!

This is one side but both sides are done. He has taken a couple of weeks 
off from this project but now the pressure is on since I have blogged about it! ;)
I can't wait to show you the finished product!

I am very excited about decorating my new craft room, it is sure to be girly! I would love to 
see some inspiration if anyone has a room they would like to share!
Be blessed!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not Giving Up Yet!

I have to admit, this blogging thing is hard! It is time consuming and I am just 
not very good at it. BUT, I committed to it and am going to keep at it. I am very much 
a blog stalker and I think that I see so many women that are so great at it that 
I just freeze with fear, I will never be that like "them"! But that is ok, I am not "them" 
so I am going to keep trying. :)

Ashley at Little Miss Momma "featured" my business on her blog and I am 
overwhelmed and so thankful for the responses! Thank you so much Ashley! I 
am very excited to have new readers but now I am even more nervous! Ha! I 
hope you all will stick with me and hopefully my blog will be become more 
interesting to read soon!

Be Blessed!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thirty One March Specials

Happy Spring!!!

Oh wait, is it spring yet?? It sure feels like it!

Who needs to take a break from the chaos and escape the madness? I
would love to get together with you and your friends and have a FUN Thirty-One party!
How about a Girls Night, dessert and drinks party, or
maybe a Pajama brunch! Don't want to do it at your house?? Meet
at a restaurant, we can talk (and shop!) about bags and purses
anywhere! :) Catalog and online parties are very successful as well!
Which one do you like best? Contact me ASAP to get your "escape" scheduled today!

And how fun is it that March is half price purses!!!!  
EVERYONE needs a purse!!
Lots of different purses and patterns to choose from!
(click on the picture to see it better!)


And our March hostess incentives are TOTE-ally awesome! OK, that 
is a little silly but so fun! :)
(click on the picture to see it better!)


I am booking for April also!


The new catalog is so fun! Let me know if you would like for me to send you one!
Thank you for your support!

Be Blessed!

Kim Gibbs
Senior Consultant
Thirty One Gifts

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ethan's Birth Story Part 2

Thanks for coming back! (I hope someone is reading this!) :)
Warning: This post is long!

To pick up where I left off, we had contacted an agency in October of 2004 
(I also jumped ahead to his birth) but will give more details now! 
It was very much a relief to not have to "worry" about getting 
pregnant month to month since we had decided to go the adoption 
route. But we did quickly realize that we had some "work" to do
in preparing for adoption. First thing, we were required to make
a scrapbook of our life! Say whaat?? (imagine hearing the "say 
whaat" line from Dispicable Me..or not if you haven't seen it!)
I had "played" around with scrap-booking but I was NOT good 
at it and in my mind, this book had to be amazing! This would 
be the book that the agency showed to potential birth
mothers, potential women that would be giving us their baby, 
potential women that are completely selfless, potential women 
that are amazing for going this route instead of abortion!
You get the idea, it had to be good! So I enlisted my good friend 
Alicia who can "craft" anything, seriously! She is Ahh-mazing when it 
comes to being creative, and she is a pretty amazing person as well!

So we got busy, there was no time to waste! We were getting ourselves 
a baby daggumit, there was no stopping us now! The book needed to tell 
our story, the whole story of our lives together. We did not have time 
to "fluff" it up, we just went to town with some pictures, threw in some 
cute paper, a couple of embellishments and we were done! Nothing
fancy but it told our story! The book we have is a "copy" of the 
original book that was given to the potential birth mothers. Here are 
a few pictures of the book, there were too many pages to show them 
all but you get the idea.

At the front of the book we wrote a letter to the "future" birth mother.
 We put our engagement pictures in the book. The #1 to the left 
is a poem that Kyle wrote to me on our first anniversary, so creative he was!
 We put wedding day photos and other random pictures. I seriously
can't believe I am putting some of these pictures in this blog for all 
to see!
 We asked a couple of our friends to write a letter also, it was very 
sweet. Our parents also wrote her a letter that is in the book.

So, once we finished the book and had our home study the wait began!

Fast forward to February of 2005! We had not had anyone 
look at our book, we were getting very discouraged but were still 
trusting God.We were at church one Sunday and our Pastor at the
time said he wanted to talk to us after service. He had received a 
call from a lady that he had known 20 years ago from a church 
where he had been the Pastor. Her name was Mary and she had just 
found out that her daughter Tracy was pregnant. She wanted to know
if he knew of anyone that was looking to adopt! Seriously?? Only 
GOD could orchestrate that! He said that he gave her Kyle's
phone number and that they may call. Honestly, we really didn't
think anything of it and didn't think we would hear from 
them. We tried through all of this to not get our hopes up, our 
hearts had been broken far too much. The following Thursday
I was at work and received a call from Kyle, he said that 
Tracy (the potential birth mother) had just called him and we were 
meeting her the following Saturday. I am pretty sure at that moment
I thought he was playing a dirty trick on me, I couldn't believe it! 
This is how the conversation what, when, what, what??? 
You already made the appointment?? What?? What did she say, 
what did she sound like, what do you know about her, when is
she due, is it a boy or girl??? I am sure there were more questions 
and much to my dismay, his answer was "I don't know" TO ANY OF IT!!! 
Seriously!!!! I said, give me her number! I called her back and got 
a little more information!

Tracy was her name, she was 38, she had 3 girls the youngest 
being 5 at the time, her mom had custody of her girls because of 
mistakes she had made in the past. She had not had any prenatal 
care, she was pretty sure she was due any day now and she 
wanted to meet us! Let me tell you the next 3 days were a blur and 
seemed like a life time! We decided to meet them at a restaurant for 
lunch. A couple of ladies from our agency went with us, there was a 
counselor there for her and one there for us. We had no clue how to act, 
what to ask and we were both so nervous. Tracy came with her 3 
daughters and her mom, it was neat to have them there from the 
beginning. There were no secrets! We had our book with us and she 
looked through it while we ate lunch. After we got done eating, 
Tracy and her counselor went to the bathroom. When they returned, 
Tracy said she would like for us to be the parents of her baby! 
I can't even describe how we felt when we heard those words, wanted US to be the parents of her baby. WHAT 
AN HONOR! Of course we were so excited but the next question was, 
when will this baby be here! Our agency made an appointment 
with a clinic the following Thursday so they could measure her to see
if they could tell us when the baby would be here! They told 
us 4-6 weeks, whew we had time to get some stuff! We had 
nothing but an empty room waiting for a precious baby! Tracy
kept saying she was further along than that and thought the 
baby could come any day, and she was right! That Saturday 
(one week after meeting her) her water broke and we got the 
call to meet them at the hospital! We were actually on our way 
to Target to register! At 7:58pm on February 19th, 2005 our sweet 
baby was born. Tracy had asked me to be in the delivery room but 
since her blood pressure shot up, she had to have an emergency 
c-section and only her mom could be in there. Mary or Maw Maws 
as we call her now brought him out to us and introduced us to 
Ethan Samuel Gibbs! :) That moment is still clear as day to 
me, I really couldn't believe that he was OUR son! He was so 
precious with a head full of red hair! God is so good, He gave us 
the desires of our heart!
1 Samuel 1:27  
I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.

That is a lot of information to share! I tried to keep it short 
but it was hard!
More to come in Part 3! :)

Be blessed!