Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Cell Phone Pics

Be ready for RANDOM! I was going through my pictures on my
cell phone and got the giggles! My son makes me laugh!

Note: these are cell phone pics, please don't judge the quality! :) 
This lasted a whole 30 seconds! 
 Not letting go of Bentley! He doesn't like car rides.
Mother and Son bingo night at Ethan's school. He "hates" bingo now 
because he didn't win. :)

 I am pretty sure a "ho, ho, ho" came out of his mouth while in the bath.
 It was freezing outside and several inches of snow on the ground and 
Ethan came down the stairs (wearing this get up) and said..."let's go play in the snow". There are no words.
 My little superhero!
 Sweetness x 2!
 This was Ethan's journal that we got to see at his schools open 
house. We have quite the character on our hands! It is supposed to say.."I was being funny". hee hee.
 Ethan hanging with my mom during her short hospital stay for 
being dehydrated. He was concerned about his Nanny. (and thinks it is 
funny to wear her glasses.)
 Honestly, I don't even know what to say about this picture! 
Dear Lord help me!
 Or this one...
This "get up" was not a joke! He came to show me his new tattoos 
all over his body but I just couldn't get past the "irkle" (no clue how to spell that name!) pants that are 3 sizes too small and the spider 
man socks. God love him!

My family makes me smile! :)




Kendra said...

Love your spring blog design!

Mrs. Girly Girl said...

Thank you! It was a free template but I am dying to have something different! :) Wish I was "html" savvy!

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